Our Services

Corporate Advisory

GreenPro Capital Group consists of some of the most skilled and sought-after corporate advisors in the Asia region. With proven ability to solve the most complex corporate issues, we aim to assist our clients to capitalise their values and nurture growth by providing proficient advice to maximise their value.

Our Group's corporate advisory services entail the following areas of expertise:

- Cross-Border Listing (IPO)
- Transaction Advisory
- Market Capitalization Management
- Corporate restructuring
- Company Formation & Secretarial
- Virtual Office
- Accounting, Tax Planning and Advisory
- Audit Arrangement

Venture Capital

At GreenPro Capital, we also invest in entrepreneurs that encompass a strong passion for innovation as a powerful disruptive force for market businesses. GreenPro Capital will work alongside the company management team to enhance the value of the business by providing them with the solutions and tools. Ultimately we aim to create a global value and wealth maximization

Wealth Management

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We are a registered trust company under Hong Kong Trustee Ordinance with capabilities in dealing with protecting your assets and business entities. We can choose the best structures and services for each client whilst providing a centralized family office administration team. We also work with established family offices, lending our expertise and specialty as and when you are needed. By implementing effective asset protection strategies could mean the difference between preserving your wealth or left with insolvency.

Our Group's Wealth Management Services entail the following areas of expertise:

- Private and Family Trusts
- Private Investment Company Setup
- Foundation & Family Office Setup
- Wealth Planning & Management Advisory
- Escrow Custodian Services

ADAQ MARKET DATA - Efficient Digital Market Intelligence

A secure, efficient and friendly digital marketplace built for market information and data exchange, facilitating reach to investor market.

ADAQ Accelerator - Value Maximization, Capitalization and Securitization

A series of strategic implementation planning and value streaming program facilitate and accelerate clients entering into in International Capital Market, maximizing Market Value.

Professional Corporate Services - Ongoing Value Solutions

Range of comprehensive services offered from global professionals, such as Public and Investors Relation Management, Transactional Management, IPO consultations, etc

Financial Technology (FinTech)

Greepro Capital is committed to provide the best FinTech services to our clients for their sustainability in the New Finance Era. Our goal is to benefit the mass market, especially the middle level income business with our innovative services. With strong commitment, we participated in MyDigital Entrepreneur Programme to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with digital technology. The programme provides services such as A.I. accounting, mobile invoicing and micro-financing, which will help SMEs to save manpower and increase efficiency. Ultimately, we will witness a rapid growth in Asia’s economy and society.

Our Group’s Financial Technology Services entail the following areas of expertise:

-Business Process Outsourcing (B.P.O)
-Business Continuity Management (B.C.M)
-Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)
-Accounting Intelligence (A.I.)
-Business Intelligence (B.I.)
-Creditability Intelligence (C.I.)
-Debt Financing Intelligence (D.I.)
-Equity Financing Intelligence (E.I.)
-Financial Intelligence (F.I.)