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At GreenPro Capital, we invest in entrepreneurs that encompass a strong passion for innovation as a powerful disruptive force for market businesses. Equipped with wide understanding and skill, our team is capable of analysing and identify appropriate capital that fits your business goal in today’s dynamic environment.Our primary goal is to create a global value for our clients by providing them with the solutions and tools to maximise their wealth.

Private equity investments typically support management buyouts and managing buy-ins in mature companies, as opposed to venture capital which provides funding for early-stage and younger companies – more information about venture capital can be found here.
As a model private equity is a proven driver of sustainable business growth. This is achieved through operational expertise, sound management and, importantly, through the close working relationship between the private equity backer and the company management team.
In contrast with publicly-listed companies, which can often have thousands of shareholders, private equity managers work alongside the management team to enhance the running of the business. This governance structure leads to much shorter lines of communication between manager and investor, ensuring constant engagement between the two.

GreenPro Capital will work alongside the company management team to enhance the value of the business. This can involve all areas of operation, from the top-line growth, efficiency savings, cash generation and procurement, to supply-chains, marketing, and sales, improving reporting and human resources.
Such an approach becomes self-perpetuating and ingrained within the company, ensuring that the business remains committed to creating value and increasing growth even after the private equity firm has sold its stake.
Private equity firms will typically look to hold investments for between four and seven years, at which time they will look to sell, or ‘exit’, their stake, either on the stock market, to a corporate buyer or to another investor.

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