Upcoming Event

SMEs Sustainability in The Digital Economy

Date: 26/02/2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:30AM – 1:30PM
Venue: Komune, The Vertical Bangsar South

Digital Transformation is everywhere around us. We are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for communicating with friends, read news on subway screens or hail a ride via mobile apps. How does this impact our work and life?

The acceleration of AI will drive Digital Transformation and also creating abundant new opportunities and business growth potential for the SMEs. Discover how to deal with this change and take advantage of the opportunities in this digital era.

【2020.01.16】Green Pro has signed a MOU In Developing AI Accounting Towards AI 3.0 After 8 Years Of Development 绿专资本签署有关AI会计开发合作的备忘录,经过了8年的研发成果迈向AI 3.0

GreenPro Capital's Past Events

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【2017.12.03】1st Worldwide Wealth Wisdom Conference 第一届华人富智慧峰会论坛