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Regene Group

Involving in the R&D of hydrogen water for nearly 20 years, Regene Group committed to developing a healthy population. Awarded with numerous international innovation and invention awards and patents, Regene will now continue to supply healthy drinking water for the public.

Royal Bird’s Nest Inc.

Listed on the US OTC Markets, Royal Bird’s Nest (RBN) is an industry leading bird nest distributor in ASEAN. RBN is currently pathing its way to get up-listed to the US main board and also continue to develop its bird nest refining technology in order to create greater social value in the future.

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SEATech Ventures Corp.

SEATech is a company which enables sustainable innovation, development, and growth for the ASEAN emerging tech companies. The business model is designed to be capable to replicate in various environment and region in ASEAN. Through its strong resources integrating platform, it possesses high return investment model for its investors and vigorously assists and supports the ASEAN companies in their tech development. SEATech aims to become an incubation center and platform which provides consultancy to the ASEAN companies in the tech industry.

Seeder Media Corp.

Seeder provides media public relations services, brand advertising, and event planning to the companies throughout Southeast Asia. With customized and personalized media and marketing channels, it helps the clients to effectively convey and present their value to the public and to create business opportunities for their brands. Seeder is currently under its plan to integrate the media companies in ASEAN through securitization.

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United Royale Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: URYL)

United Royale is a modern corporate with royalty background. Since its establishment in 2008, it has already built a strong business network presence in many countries and regions across the globe. Operating in a niche industry: Agarwood and jewelry, United Royale is a comprehensive international group which seamlessly combined production, development, and sales of products. United Royale has successfully got itself listed on the US OTC Markets and GreenPro will be assisting in its up-listing plan in which the corporation is expected to get up-listed to the US mainboard in the coming two to three years.

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