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Gaien Group

The China Guangzhou-based company Gaien is a health-emphasized, technology-based, result-oriented and share-emphasized biotechnology company. Gaien has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with GreenPro, and GreenPro will be providing assistance along Gaien’s journey to the US capital market.

Free Share Exchange

Free Share Exchange provides standardized, legitimate and wise disclosure of information across different platforms, ranging from the equity market, blockchain supported cryptocurrency and digital assets. It allows the sharing of information between the corporates and investors to take place and provides comprehensive securitization advisory services. Free Share Exchange also provides legal and compliant listing plans and professional solutions during securitization.

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GreenPro Synergy Network

As an affiliate under the GreenPro Capital Corp, GreenPro Synergy Network (GSN) was first developed as a closed community, it is now an opened venture capital and wealth creation community for industry leaders and investors. Through this enormous networking platform, GSN facilitates the cross-border exchange of information and capital. It aims to assist its members to attain “wealth creation, wealth protection, and wealth succession” in the “New Finance in New Asia” era, through broadening its global service area and obtaining the priority to participate in investing and financing of the global quality projects. Currently scheduling a US listing under its plan, GSN intends to serve as a global investing and financing platform, wealth creation community and knowledge sharing hub to assist its members through globalizing their value and dynamically building a practical, reliable and professional community for its members.

Health Plus Biomedical Limited

Health Plus is a biomedical service center which integrates anti-aging, genetic testing, functional testing, autologous cell activation technology with its wide range of treatments. Health Plus is currently focusing on actualizing its US listing plan with the assistance from GreenPro Capital. The capital obtained will financially support the company in establishing an Asian medical center for patients suffered from kidney disease, giving them hopes without the need for dialysis.

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Leader Capital Holdings Corp.

Leader Financial is a multinational financial group that successfully listed itself on the US OTC Markets in February 2018. The company provides investors with attractive, low-risk and worthwhile investment, as well as international financial services. Leading by the president of the group Lin Yixiu, Leader Financial will be joining efforts with GreenPro to establish a new branch office in Taiwan. The collaboration will be offering a new structure and plan for local companies in achieving wealth creation. With the enthusiastic support from the clients in Taiwan, more Taiwanese companies are expected to be entering the international capital market in the near future.

NIU Commerce Sdn. Bhd.

Guided by technology and innovation, NIU Commerce is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking company. They are committed to creating new, unique and effective solutions to help modernize and grow their clients’ businesses. Their rich experience in the industry has earned them the comprehensive expertise that spans cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Thing (IoT) and more, in which these will be contributing to individuals as well as the country to transform the cities and nations into smart communities.

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Phoenix Plus Group

Founded in 2015, the projects under Phoenix Plus are all obtaining a great result and strong impact in the real estate industry. Phoenix Plus has comprehensively integrated all the businesses and roles involved in the real estate industry to form a seamless property marketing chain. Adopting an open cooperation model and high-quality platform as its strength, it opens up opportunities for further cooperation from various parties. The group is now focusing on systematic settings, including the optimization of traditional property marketing systems and one-stop property management, while also investing in the Internet to modernize and bring itself into the untapped market.

PR1 Media Limited

Established in Hong Kong, PR1 is a one-stop media advertising platform that integrates local and overseas brand management, media relations services, advertising and planning, overseas event planning and digital marketing planning.

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