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Agape ATP Corp (OTC Pink: AATP)

Listed on the US OTC Markets, Agape ATP is an ASEAN biotech company who possesses dynamic growth and development in the Asia Pacific region. Agape introduced ATP Zeta Super Health Program for the public, mainly focusing on the technology R&D and application of its health programs including Survivor Select, Energized Mineral Concentrate, Ionized Cal-Mag, Omega Blend and more. Since its establishment Agape has committed to creating greater social value by providing health solutions to the public, Agape ATP is expected to get up-listed to the NYSE next year.

Ando Holdings Limited (OTCQB: ADHG)

Dedicated to providing excellent and professional services for its clients to minimize their financial risks, Ando covers a wide range of services including investment management, foreign exchange consultancy, and land investment project. Ando assists its clients in actualizing their personal financial goals with practical solutions by providing professional investment advisory services.

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Beet Holdings Limited

Beet is a world's leading blockchain hardware equipment manufacturer and service provider. It is committed to providing one-stop comprehensive services for the miners. Beet has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GreenPro in which it is now in the midst of preparing to go public in the US.

Bioplus Life Corp.

From product conceptualization, formulation, production to logistics, Bioplus Life is a one-stop solution in supplying health supplementary products. Bioplus supplies their products nationwide to various healthcare companies, direct sales companies and more. Bioplus also provides products’ sales marketing, marketing strategies and assistance in the specific permit application, such as the Halal certification. GreenPro Capital is currently assisting Bioplus in getting listed overseas.

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Dongjia Holdings Limited

Dongjia Marine Biotechnology is a strong advocate of sustainable aquaculture practices through biotechnology. It provides sustainable models in the development of fisheries that can be replicated in various stages within the industry and throughout different locations with its innovative and environmental-friendly technologies. Meanwhile, Dongjia is protecting and rehabilitating marine and aquatic resources by utilizing its knowledge in fisheries management, hence creating a high-return business model. Dongjia will be expanding its R&D and establishing its business blueprint through securitization to support the “Belt and Road Initiative” in the marine industry.

D’Swiss Inc. (OTC Pink: DQWS)

Established in 2012, D’Swiss is a highly-popular company in the health and beauty industry. Its products are known to be natural and possess significant results which often obtain recognition from the public. D’Swiss continues its effort in innovation and research by introducing Swiss-formulations to produce first-rate products. D’Swiss has already successfully listed itself on the US OTC Markets.

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Ezagoo Inc.

Ezagoo is an integration of marketing and comprehensive technology platform which consists of content broadcasting and media advertising, together with social services. As one of the GreenPro’s shareholders, the chairman of Ezagoo has announced its intention to get listed in the US. GreenPro will be providing assistance and advisory throughout Ezagoo’s cross-border listing procedure, meanwhile, the Chairman of Ezagoo are still weighing the benefits of getting listed on either Nasdaq or NYSE.

Finzillion Technology Limited

Establishing itself in the technology industry for approximately 15 years, Finzillion provides software development and technical solutions for international financial institutions. Finzillion does not only develop high-tech financial software but also strives to simplify its software. To reduce the gap between financial institutions and clients, Finzillion develops innovative software for the relevant parties to carry out their transactions effectively and timely. Finzillion will be listing in the US soon along with the cooperation with GreenPro in forming a new financial core team, which will gradually become the industry leader in the New Finance Era.

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