1) Work with extremely smart, equally nice, and collaborative people, as well as a group of down-to-earth leaders who get stuff done.

2) Be part of one of the fastest growing US listing companies (NASDAQ: GRNQ).

3) Work on challenging and interesting problems, and strive to do the right thing, the right way and continuous improvement using our always evolving manifesto.

4) Work closely with your manager to grow your personal brand and skills. Being a listing international company, there are lots of opportunities to grow and work on different projects.

5) We have flexible hours, option to work from home as needed and encourage work-life balance.

You will be entitled to an additional month’s salary on satisfactory completion of a year’s service and such payment will be payable on or before the 31st of January, subject to company’s policy.

The company will pay you a discretionary paid study leave of 3 days per subject per the first examination sitting for your professional programme, which shall include without limitation, subject to company policy.

The company will pay your examination fee, on the condition that you pass your examination the first time and that you remain in employment with the company for more than a year. Should your employment be less than a year from the date of your employment then any course fee paid to you shall be refunded to the company.

In GreenPro, there will be a flexible schedule allows an employee to work hours that differ from the normal company start and stop time. Particularly in an environment for exempt employees, 

GreenPro provides coverage to members of a group that tends to be employees of a company or members of an organization. Members of the group usually receive insurance at a reduced cost because the insurer’s risk is spread across a group of policyholders.

GreenPro will incentive compensation beyond normal wages and is typically awarded after a performance appraisal and analysis of projects completed by the employee over a specific period of time.

You are eligible to participate in our share option scheme stipulated under GreenPro Foundation, where your entitlement will depend on your commitment, contribution, performance, length or services, etc., as per the discretion of the Council who has the power to exercise their powers in relation to the shares to be allocated to the Employee.

Room 1701 – 03, 17/F, The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong


T: (+852) 3111 7718

E: info@greenprocapital.com

Job Description

Assist in preparing a feasibility report and conducting due diligence

Assist in accounting and company secretarial matters of Clients

Handle projects including company restructuring, financial advisory on merger and acquisitions, valuation covering the US and Hong Kong market

Prepare listing documents, quarterly and annual reports, and draft announcements and press release

Liaise with professional parties and communicate with relevant authorities, such as SEC, Attorney and Brokerage Firms etc


Degree Holder and above in Corporate Finance or Accounting;

Strong strategic and business mindset

Strong understanding of the principles of corporate finance and accounting

Exceptional intellect and superior problem-solving skills

Experience in corporate financial advisory, including US OTC/NASDAQ/NYSE listing rules and requirements including S-1, F-1, 10Q, 10K, 20F, 8K etc. will be an advantage;

Self-motivated, aggressive and able to work under pressure;

Strong communication, analytical and presentation skills;

Fluent in both written and spoken English and Mandarin

Frequent travel to China and other countries is expected

A good team player with organizational and time management skills


JobsDB Detail

Room 2205-2208, Diwang Building, No. 5002 Shen Nan East Road, Louhu District, Shenzhen, China


T: (+86-755) 2558 7791

E: sh@greenprocapital.com

B-7-5, Northpoint Office, Mid Valley City, No.1 Medan Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

T: (+603) 2201 3192

E: info@greenprocapital.com

Unit 111,11th floor, Thai CC Building, 43 South Sathorn Rd, Yannawa Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
T: (+662) 210 0281/ (+662) 210 0282
F: (+662) 210 0280
E: info.th@greenprocapital.com

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