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ADAQ Marketplace

ADAQ is a new generation of financial marketplace, providing pre-listed emerging high growth companies a platform to connect and access to potential investors and synergetic companies through information exchange and counter listings, a step before going into INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL MARKET such as NYSE, NASDAQ, HKEX and etc.

With years of experience in the Capital Markets, we have learnt that most of the Emerging High Growth Companies are facing challenges such as difficulty in financing, international expansion, low publicity, limited market exposure and even being misled to corporate exercise such as IPOs . We believe such challenges are caused by the lacking of an effective and efficient financial marketplace especially in Asia Pacific Region, therefore we built a financial marketplace to accommodate the need of these Emerging High Growth Businesses as an incubation/accelerator as international scale up solution to eventually listing in International Capital Market such as NYSE/Nasdaq/HKEX .


We have been through the challenges mentioned, therefore ADAQ offers following:

ADAQ Market Data

(Efficient Digital Market Intelligence)

A secure, efficient and friendly digital marketplace built for market information and data exchange, facilitating reach to investor market.

ADAQ Accelerator

(Maximize Capitalize Securitize)

A series of strategic implementation and value streaming program facilitate and accelerate clients entering into in International Capital Market, maximizing Market Value

Sustainable Incubation

(Ongoing Value Solutions)

Range of comprehensive services offered such as Public and Investors Relation Management, Transactional Management, IPO consultations, International Tax Planning, Accounting and etc.

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