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Hong Kong National Business Awards 2018

Hong Kong Business hailed the most exceptional international firms in the city in a joint awards ceremony for the Hong Kong Business International Business Awards (IBA), Listed Companies Awards (LCA), National Business Awards (NBA) and the Business Rankings Awards. Held at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong on September 5, 2018, the awards night was attended by 90 executives.

Leaders Of Innovation 2019

20th December 2018, GreenPro Capital was invited to receive the award "Leaders Of Innovation Awards 2019". The award ceremony is held by company Corphub, under Insight Media Group, the theme of Leaders Of Innovation Awards 2019 is about management and innovation. The title of GreenPro Capital Group acquired is Asia's Most Outstanding Financial Service of the Year.

Best-performing US-listed Chinese company in 2018

GreenPro Capital Group (NASDAQ: GRNQ) was named by Deloitte as the best-performing US-listed Chinese company in 2018! This is a kind of affirmation and encouragement to GreenPro, and once again thanks to the market and the recognition of shareholders, we will continue to work hard in 2019!

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