About GreenPro Capital

GreenPro Capital Group (NASDAQ: GRNQ) is a US Nasdaq listed multinational financial services company headquartered in Hong Kong. With more than 30 years of experience in the finance industry, GreenPro has accumulated a significant number of global professional certificates and strategic offices across the Asia Pacific region, which includes Kuala Lumpur, Taipei City, Bangkok, and Shenzhen.

We started as a small accounting firm a decade ago and managed to transformed ourselves into the full range of financial services covering 4 major areas in New Finance such as Corporate Advisory, Wealth Management, Incubation and Fin-Tech. To serve our regional wide clients more comprehensively and sufficiently, we are proud to have nurtured a group of passionate talents working dedicatedly for our clients and having a diversified service portfolios to cater to our client needs.

Vision and MIssions

We strive for the best for tomorrow's sustainability in New Finance


To be a globally renowned conglomerate corporate and financial advisory company committed to assisting clients to capitalise their value while maximizing wealth


To uphold the highest ethic while assisting clients to monetise, capitalise and securitise their value at a global scale

To empower the mass-market to access investment opportunities and enjoy the experience of building wealth

Our 8'R Values


Uphold our integrity by behaving and doing things in morally Right way or considered morally correct


Develop and build good Relationship with our clients who have relied on us to take care of their needs and goals


Gain Trust from clients who ultimately feel that we are Reliable people and organisation with integrity and honesty


Deliver the Result which are expected by our clients, team members, partners, and investors at all times


Be Responsible for our behaviour to deliver good business performance, corporate social performance, corporate citizenship and corporate social values


Deliver Realistic professional advices, opinions, and findings to our stakeholders with high degree of accuracy , reliability, integrity, and honesty


Build, develop and grow our organisation into a Reputable organisation for our existing and potential stakeholders


Develop strong capability and system to withstand changes or adverse event happening to our business environment and still has our ability to sustain and function without difficulty

GreenPro Capital Group
We Capitalise Your Value Globally