Family Office

Family Office is currently set up as a privately-owned company and supports wealthy families with the management, organisation and maintenance of their wealth. Family offices can be established anywhere in the world, and you will find them primarily in Europe (mainly in Switzerland and London) and the United States of America. Increasingly, Hong Kong and Singapore are the chosen destinations for Family offices in Asia as more and more wealth is created, in the region labelled the growth engine of the world as the power shifts East from the West. And as such, GreenPro Family Office Ltd is ideally situated to take advantage, offering our superior services.

GreenPro’s Family Office management team is fully trained and qualified to assist you in the following ways :

• Defining your current financial situation in all its aspects through our profound fact-finding process.
• Assisting you in setting specific, achievable financial and personal goals.
• Developing a plan for you to achieve those goals, based on your needs and your current financial situation.
• Providing you with the choice of financial products and solutions that will perfectly suit your needs.
• Alerting you to possible challenges or threats along the way & helping you to find solutions to them.
• Helping you to provide the financial protection for your family, and ensure that your personal and business assets are in a secure financial environment.

Our team can offer you solutions for overcoming these financial disasters. We can and wish to help you protect yourself, your close ones and even your business being sunk by that unforeseen iceberg along this incredible journey called life. Protection encompasses a range of insurance plans and is the foundation of economic security and essential to all good financial planning strategies.

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