Corporate Advisory

GreenPro Capital Group consists of some of the most skilled and sought-after corporate advisors in the Asia region. With proven ability to solve the most complex corporate issues, we aim to assist our clients to capitalise their values and nurture growth by providing proficient advice to maximise their value.

Our Group's corporate advisory services entail the following areas of expertise

• Cross Border Listing (IPO)
• Capital Structure Optimisation
• Corporate Share Restructuring management
• Share and share-related incentive schemes
• Board and top Management Liability
• Takeover / Defence Strategies
• Stock Market Rules and Regulations
• Financial assistance, Value Transfers, Related Party Transactions and Conflicts of Interest
• Market Communication and Disclosure Regimes
• Corporate Financial Review
• Corporate Restructuring
• Transaction Advisory

Our integrated cross-border team are highly professionals with years of experience in many areas such as corporate strategy, and cross-border business relation.

GreenPro Capital Group
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